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 I highly recommend using James Shelley. He was recommended to me by a friend when I was looking to get out of the aviation industry and in to the oil and gas business (back in 2010). Within two weeks of sending out the resume he created for me, I landed a job with a large O&G company in Houston. He does a great job working with you one-on-one via email and phone. 

I'll add another endorsement for Jim. When I got laid off a couple weeks ago I decided it was a good opportunity to take a step up in my career. I contacted Jim and he worked with me to produce what appears to be a top notch resume. Very easy to work with and his attention to detail is great. His service is not what I consider cheap but if the finished product helps me get a job sooner rather than later and more income to boot, it is a small investment in the long run.

I had a great experience with Jim as well. He is very professional and takes the time to ask questions about yourself and what you have done. The resume he produced is far better than what I had done on my own. It looks very professional and organized. He has a relatively quick turnaround time and he is very strict on himself about sticking to the deadlines he has set. He also writes exceptional cover letters. As a current graduate student trying to enter the O&G industry, using a resume and cover letter written by Jim is giving myself the best chance of landing a job. I absolutely recommend his services!

 Another thumbs up for Jim. I was in need of a resume do-over and had absolutely nowhere to start. I gave Jim my old resume and some current job details and my resume looks about 100x better. Sometimes it takes an outsiders perspective to get what you're looking for. Jim gave me an honest critique of my existing resume and provided really great feedback. He's extremely professional and responsive. 

Jim is fantastic to work with, I am in the process of him updating mine after he initially did and he is extremely professional just as usual! During the 4 month span of using my new resume' from Jim i've had a phone interview/in person interview almost every single Month. Either my luck changed or the resume' worked, no offers yet but it sure it nice to be atleast be noticed as opposed to before where I had zero luck.

I highly recommend Jim to anyone!

I will vouch for James since he has done a great job in updating my resume and helping me find the job I wanted. Most of his business is done by word of mouth. You see a lot of folks praising his services because he does a phenomenal job in customizing your resume. You pay for the quality of the service provided, and James offers top notch quality and service.

Another thumbs up for Jim.

I dont have a service to compare him too (I've never sought out professional services for resume), but his resume style is very concise without losing what you believe to be important. I provided the content, and he reworked my existing resume to what I would consider very professional.

I am not currently looking to make a move, but may take that step in the future. I wanted to have a resume ready in case an opportunity came along before I was "ready". If anyone is in that boat and think this is something you want to do, Id encourage you to do it. It's not cheap, but what's a first impression worth to you?

It took us a few weeks to work through the draft back and forth. It wouldn't have been near the quality of resume if an opportunity came along, and I gave him 2 days to put something together. It didn't really work like that for me. It was a gradual refining process through every rendition. This is another one of those things in life that you get out what you put in. Your the content and he is the writer, so you have to actively collaborate. My two cents...

I recently utilized Jim's service and couldn't be happier. After reading the mixed reviews here, I frankly was skeptical. Honestly, I was hoping someone would just post a sample of his work somewhere and I would follow (copy) the format. However, I took the leap and contacted Jim about his services regarding a position I wished to pursue.

Jim's product is definitely more than just the formatting. He took over 13 pages of notes and consolidated them into three pages of content that spoke directly to the job opening. I understand everyone's industry is different and that some resumes may work in one area but not another. In my case at least, I walked away pleased with the product as it's definitely better than what I could have done alone and I would highly recommend Jim to others.

I first employed Jim's assistance in July '17 after just completing my master's degree. At the time, I was attempting to make a career transition into a completely unrelated field from my current industry and needed a professional's guidance on a resume transformation. Specifically, restructuring bullet points to include precise verbiage for the new profession while retaining core components from my present job. After a month of back-and-forth email correspondence, I perceived that I finally had a resume that would make me a competitive candidate.

This was not the case! I spent 11 months applying for a plethora of jobs only to have one interview. Not to be naive, I understand that most of my failed attempts were due to factors beyond the resume. However, I still felt that it could be better.

I reached out to Jim in early June 2018 and explained my situation. Specifically that I had previously enlisted his service and wasn't having luck applying for jobs. More to the point, my resume still contained a tone proprietary to my current position and not reflective of the new industry in which I am attempting to transition.

Jim was sympathetic. After 40+ email correspondence and a phone conversation, I finally have a resume that I believe will land me a new job.

Was it a struggle? You bet.

Is Jim worth it? Every penny and then some.

Jim didn't have to go out of his way to help me redo my resume but he did. I gladly vouch for his service and hope that anyone who uses him in the future has just of great of an experienc

For a job that might pay $150-200k for my next move? Pennies in the grand scheme of things. I haven't used his service but am planning to when the time comes and I'm ready to make a jump. Even for a job that pays $50-75k that is a pretty good investment.  

The above reviews are spot-on. It's been a while since I've had to jump into a job search and I knew that my resume needed a major update. I contacted Jim when I came across this thread and I was immediately impressed with his approach. He's prompt, professional, and incredibly *thorough*. I'm absolutely amazed by the resume Jim created for me (it totally puts my last one to shame) and I highly recommend his service!