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Resume & CV

Why James P. Shelley?


  "My clients choose me because I listen to their needs, identify resolutions, and engineer documents designed to attain their objectives. Period."  

4,000 Resumes and CVs... and counting.


 I don't outsource. When commissioned, I am your only contact. Personalized service guaranteed. 

Complimentary Lifetime Updates


 Always you'll have a current and up-to-date document. When opportunity knocks, you'll be prepared to respond. Right now. 

The Sum Of Your Professional Net Worth

1. Complimentary Consultation

My initial consultation includes a review of your existing and up-to-date document coincident with an examination of your responses to my preliminary inquiries. 

2. Identifying Your Objective

My preliminary inquiries focus on what is your objective with the new document. A job change? Career transition? Promotion? To have on-hand in the event of...? 

3. The Assessment

After I've evaluated your document, and reviewed your responses, I'll present you with a detailed analysis including recommendations illustrating how I believe your document could be improved. 

4. The Recommendation


I'll describe exactly what direction I would take the new document  towards improving the chances of receiving interview invitations.

That "direction" leans heavily on results and accomplishments. You wouldn't be applying if you couldn't perform the tasks and functions associated with the opportunity, so we won't emphasize the obvious.

5. Commissioning Me


My recommendation will include the fee I arrive at for your project. Every project is different.

If you choose to commission my service I will present you with fee remitance instructions. When the commission is formal, I assign a project start date, project turnaround, and prepare my inquiries. Inquiries?????

6. Next

When the project start date has been assigned my first effort is the "Inquiries" process. Every resume inspire them. I identify them, author them, and present them to you for responses. 

Your responses assist me in "filling in the blanks" that every HR personality recognizes. You can't leave it to the person considering your document to fill them in. That's my job. 

7. Getting Down To Business

I don't engineer "sit-down one-off" resumes. Through the project turnaround period, from 4 to 6 business days, each day I visit the document several times. Those "fresh eyes" ensure that every single word counts. They must, especially when you're faced with the 6... 15... 20 seconds during which you must capture, and hold, the recipient's attention. That is achieved by emphasizing results and accomplishments, illustrated with #, $, and % examples.  

8. The Reveal - The First Draft


When I am satisfied with the first draft I present it to you for review. This is when the process becomes highly collaborative. Upon the first draft you'll commit your comments, notes, and suggested revisions. Depending upon your narrative, I may remind you that I'm engineering language for the "Primary" recipient: The person considering you for employment.

My clients commission my objectivity.

9. The Collaboration


When you have completed your review, and I examine your narrative, I return to the document effecting those revisions necessary to achieve a concluding document that mutually we find agreeable.

Within reason, I place no limit on the collaboration towards that mutually agreeable document. When you're satisfied, I'm satisfied. I take zero shortcuts.

10. The Conclusion

When we've achieved that concluding document you'll be prepared to apply for those opportunities for which you are qualified. The turnaround, from commission to conclusion, and including the project turnaround, is ~16 business days. 

Complimentary Updates

You're armed with your new resume. What do you do if you change jobs, add new skills, attain new results and accomplishments, earn new degrees, licenses, or designations? You contact me and, after an abbreviated inquiry process, I'll update your document. Complimentary. There's a lot of value in that. 

Cover Letters

I author only opportunity-specific cover letters. When presented with the job description I engineer the letter to speak directly to the opportunity. The letter doesn't reiterate the resume. This is not a boilerplate cover letter, and a recipient will recognize that.