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Privacy Policy


My website collects cookies. I do not track, collate, or otherwise use that information. It is a feature my site host employs to render more efficient your visit, and return visits, to my site. 

When you contact me via my website, on my "Contact Me" page, the information you provide is emailed to me. Since 2006, when first I launched my site, never has my email account been breached. 

The information you provide, the email, I keep for ~1 year. My practice is to delete the most recent 12 months of email communications. 

The only Third-parties having access to my site is my site host. Since 2006, when first I launched my site, I have not been informed that for any reason has my site been accessed by anyone other than me. Which Third-parties have access to any of your PII associated with using my website? I have no idea. Likely there are terms and conditions associated with hosting my website that affords certain governmental agencies and authorities access under certain conditions. We're not doing anything illegal here.

The only PII I use is your name, email address and, occasionally, your telephone number. I use this information only to effect communication. I share that information with no one. No one.

You cannot change any information you submit via my Contact Page. Delete PII? Contact me.

You will not be notified of any changes to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Your use of the website affirms you agree with the policy. Check often.

Effective September 10, 2018