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Personal Statements & Essays

Academic and Medical Residency

These documents are necessary when applying for academic institution opportunities or when seeking a U.S based medical residency. I offer several levels of service associated with these documents.

I specialize in ESL clients.


Proofing Service includes the identification and correction of all errors in:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Syntax

My comprehensive method includes an electronic and visual examination of the entire document. Your document will be returned error free.

This service also includes a summary review of your document including suggestions and recommendations of how to establish a powerful and compelling document.

One business day turnaround.

$25 Flat Rate - per page


Standard Service includes the efforts included in the Proofreading Service and:

  • General editing and revision efforts to ensure statement continuity.
  • Solid document opening with correlating closing, ensuring content fluidity from start to finish.

One business day turnaround.

$40+ - per page - Inquire

Full Service

Full Service includes a start-to-finish professional drafting of your document. 

  • Review of institutional document guidelines (if applicable).
  • Presentation of from five to 10 inquiries for which your responses serve as the document foundation.
  • Presentation to client of authored document.
  • Editing and revision process (highly collaborative).
  • Proofreading.
  • Presentation of completed, and mutually agreeable, document.

Two to three business days.

$125+ - per page - Inquire


The academic and residency application process is "black and white", meaning that an authority or committee reviewing and assessing applications examines a lot of "fill in the blanks" entries. The Personal Statement lends a "color narrative" to that process. Thus, the Personal Statement is a very important document, and is your opportunity to share with the recipient information otherwise absent from the standard inquiries. 


Institutions frown upon candidates who outsouce completely the authoring of a personal statement, and in many cases will deny admission if discovered. I employ a process that compels collaboration, and concludes with a document that carries your voice.